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Excellence is a Habit

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About Our Company

Excellence is a Habit

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We recognise that being reliable, respectful and friendly is key when building trust, good communication and peace of mind for our customers.

We provide a professional and personalised cleaning service to homeowners and  business owners alike and use the latest technology in window cleaning  -

Pure Water.

What is Pure Water?

Called the “universal solvent,” water, to a certain degree, will dissolve virtually everything to which it is exposed. Pure water has a very high energy state and, like everything else in nature, seems to achieve energy equilibrium with its surroundings. It will dissolve the quantity of material available until the solution reaches saturation, the point at which no higher level of solids can be dissolved.

How is Water Purified?

We produce our own pure water from tap water using a high-tech filtration system

 comprising of four stages.

  1. Pre-filtration Stage- this removes larger contaminants, dirt and chlorine.

  2. Reverse Osmosis Stages- This removes almost all remaining contaminants.

  3. Ion Exchange Stage- This "polishes" thw water to acheive zero TDS.


We test our water each morning with a special device to ensure it is absolutely pure

before we use it on your windows. The system that we use has been tested and

approved by the Water Quality Association.

Is It Better Than Traditional?

Traditional window cleaning can leave behind detergent residue, which can attract fresh dirt back to the glass. Because no detergents or chemicals are required when using pure water there is no white residue left on the dry glass.

Also the windows stay cleaner for longer as there is no detergent residue to attract the dirt.

When pure water is used for window cleaning the impurities on the glass are

dissolved into the water thus acting like a sponge. Pure water not only cleans away the dirt from the window surface, but it will also dissolve all the hidden dirt from the joints and seals. After the windows have been cleaned for the first couple of times, the pure water may continue to find and dissolve any hidden dirt, if this happens this will contaminate the water causing it to dry with spots. After the first couple of cleans any hidden dirt will have been dissolved.

A final rinse ensures a streak and spot free finish.